Country Linedance


1  A fool such as I am

2  A little bit is better than nada

3  A love worth waiting for

4  Achy breaky heart

5  All I do is dream of you

6  All shook up

7  All you ever do is bring me down

8  Amazed

9  Angelina Dance

10  Anything goes

11  Aryati

12  At the hop

13  Autumn rose

14  Baby confess

15  Baby likes to rock it

16  Bad moon rising

17  Blue Bayou

18  Boogie & Beethoven

19  Boot scootin' boogie

20  Burning love

21  But for the grace of God

22  California blue

23  Come on over  r

24  Counting flowers on the wall

25  Cry to me

26  Dance the night away

27  Do you wanna dance

28  Don't be cruel

29  Don't tell me you're not in love

30  Don't the girls all get prettier at closing time

31  Down in mexico

32  Every which way but loose

33  Everything

34  Feel free

35  Feeling kinda lonely tonight

36  Feels so right

37  Fool in me

38  Freight train

39  Friend, don't take her…

40  Get my drink on

41  God bless Texas

42  Good time

43  Got my heart set on you

44  Hello trouble

45  Her comes my baby

46  Hey good looking

47  High class lady

48  Home

49  Houston

50  How a cowgirl says goodbye

51  Hucklebuck

52  Husbands and wives

53  I don't care if you don't love me any…

54  I don't wanna cry

55  I gotta get to you

56  I just wanna dance with you

57  I love a rainy night

58  I might

59  I need a breather

60  I said I love you

61  I should've been true

62  I swear

63  I wanna be Elvis tonight

64  I want you I need you I love you

65  If I said you had a beautifull body….

66  If tomorrow never comes

67  If you ever have forever in mind

68  In dreams

69  In my dreams

70  Inside out

71  Jailhouse Creole

72  Jessico

73  Johnny B Good

74  Just a kiss

75  Kalo mo pikir

76  La mucara

77  Land of empty dreams

78  Land of enchantment

79  Last cheater's waltz

80  Little Liza Jane

81  Lost you anyway

82  Loving you

83  Lucille

84  Maria

85  Memories are made of this

86  Mercury blues

87  Mexico

88  Moonlight kiss

89  Neon moon

90  Next broken heart

91  Nobody knows

92  Olivia

93  Overnight success

94  People are crazy

95  Pizzirico

96  Please mama please

97  Pure love

98  Red hot salsa

99  Remember when

100  Return to sender

101  Riding the rodeo

102  Rodeo

103  Rolling with the flow

104  Save the last dance for me

105  Sea of a heartbreak

106  She's gone, gone, gone

107  Smokey places

108  Sold

109  Some beach

110  Somebody like you

111  Someone must feel like a fool tonight

112  Somethings never change

113  Sometimes she forgets

114  Southbound train

115  Southern streamline

116  Speak to the sky

117  Storms never last

118  Sway

119  Swing city

120  T R O U B L E

121  Tap room boogie

122  Tell me why

123  The heart

124  The loosing side of me

125  The wanderer

126  There goes

127  There goes my heart

128  Today I started loving you again

129  Toes

130  Tonight we just might fall in love again

131  Touch the morning

132  Trail of tears

133  True love came around

134  Umbrella

135  Vertical Expression

136  Viva Las Vegas

137  Walk of life

138  Watcha gonna do with a cowboy

139  We can't go on living like this

140  We're number one

141  Whiskey under the bridge

142  Who's your daddy

143  Why don't we just dance

144  Yolanda

145  You lied to me


Easy Listening

Intro + C.C. Rider

A Love Worth Waiting For

Burning Love

All I Do Is Dream Of You

Love Me

Are You Lonesome Tonight

The Wonder of You

Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall

A Fool Such As I

Crying In The Rain

Teddy Bear

Devil Woman


Everybody Loves Somebody


Viva Las Vegas


All Shook Up

For The Good Times

I Just Can’t Help Believin’

Forget Him

American Trilogy

Garden Party

My Way

God Must’ve Spent A Little More Time On You

Indescribably Blue

Good Luck Charm

Can’t Help Falling In Love

Green Green Grass Of Home

You Gave Me A Mountain

Hawaiian Wedding Song

If You Love Me Let Me Know

Hold On

Return to Sender Home (Country)

Let It Be Me

I Don’t Want To Cry

Mess of Blues

I Want You I Need You I Love You

Long Tall Sally

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Big Hunk O’Love

If You Ever Have Forever In Mind

I Can’t Stop Loving You

Hound Dog

Inside Out

Crying In The Chapel

It Hurts Me

Ask Me

It’s A Little Too Late

Don’t Be Cruel

It’s Not The End of The World

Suspicious Minds

I’ve Been Hearing Things About You

Don’t Cry Daddy

Kingston Town

Last Cheater's Waltz

Miss You Nights

My Confession

Neon Moon

Nobody Knows









Fool such as I

Better than nada

1.000 years

Achy breaky heart

Dream of you

All shook up


Amazing faith, Westlife rose

Angelina's dance

Anything goes


At the hop

Autumn rose

Baby cha

Boogie woogie choochoo train

Bad moon on the rise

Blue bayou

Beethovens boogie

Boot scootin' boogie

Burning love

For God's grace, Urban Grace

California blue

Come on over

Flowers on the wall, Counting flowers, Deck of 51

Cry to me

Scotia samba

Wanna dance

Cowgirls twist

Speak with your heart

Don't the girls all get prettier at closing time

Down in Mexico, Tampico Bay

Every which way but loose

You're everything, Crystal clear

Feel free

Feeling kinda lonely tonight

Virginia county line, Dixie falls

Fool in me

Freight Train

I'm begging you Friend, Freeze

Get trashed

Blessed Texas

Good time

Got my heart set on you

Hello trouble

Baby come on

Hey good looking

My new life

Moody blue


Ribbon of highway


Broken heart waltz, Cathy's waltz


Island in the stream, elke cha cha

Covered in kisses I gotta get to you, gotta get 2 u

Conrada chacha, I just wanna dance

Rainy night

Maybe I could

Take a breather

I said I love you

Dancing in the dark

I swear

Elvis tonight

I want you I need you I love you

Body in motion, dreams of deceipt, cha cha with me

Tomorrows love, she believes

Sway (langzaam)

In dreams

n my dreams, dreams of deceipt

Remember when, whiter then white

Jailhouse creole


Just be good

Just a kiss

Why worry

Mucara walk

Empty dreams

Land of enchantment

Single waltz, whirlwind waltz

Bocephus, Stitch it up

Lost you anyway

Jubilee stroll

That's amore


Just a memory

Mercury blues, Mercury 59


Moonlight kiss

Neon moon

Broken heart, spring swing

Nobody knows, Cha cha 4-1

Because of you

Overnight heartache

People are crazy


Cool chick

Pure love

Red hot salsa

Remember when

Special D, Return to sender

Ride cowboy ride

Picknick Polka, Lightning polka

Rolling with the flow


Sea of heartbreak

She's gone

Smokey places

Grundy gallop

Some beach

Somebody like you

Feel like a fool, midnight waltz

Never change

Sometimes she forgets

Clickety clack

Streamlining, Ain't going down

Speak to the sky

Storm, thunder and sunshine

Cha Cha Roma, Sway, salsa sway

Swing city

Double trouble

Tap room boogie

Still in love

The heart

Hot footing, the gravy

Zjozzy's funk,Turn me loose

There goes

There goes my heart

Back to front


Tonight we just might fall in love again

Touch the morning

The trail

True love

Umbrella swing

Vertical expression

Sin city swing

High T, 3 step boogie

Country walking, loco loco

Love me again

We're number one

Whiskey under the bridge

Who's your daddy

Why don't we just dance


Down the line, Little Bluff    Tribute to Elvis


Sea Of Love

Smokey Places

Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight

Sometimes She Forgets

Still It Wouldn't Be Enough

The Air That I Breathe

The Moon of Manakoora

To You, Sweetheart, Aloha

Tonight We Just Might Fall In Love Again

Travelin' Light

True Love Ways

We Can't Go On Like This

You Don't Know Me


Rock ‘n Roll

3 steps to heaven

A love worth waiting for

At the hop

Blue moon

Blue suede shoes

C.C. Rider

Don't the girls all get prettier at closing time



Fool such as I am

Forget him

Great balls of fire

Green door

I might

I want you I need you I love you

Johnny B Good

Kissing Cousins

Kissing in the backrow

La Bamba

Lighting strikes again

Little sister

Mistery train

My baby left me

On the wings of a nightingale

Peggy Sue

Rock this town

Shake rattle and roll

Since I don't have you

Summertime blues

That'll be the day

The wanderer

This ol' house


Tutti frutti

Under the boardwalk

Walk right back

What a wonderful life

What do you wanna make those eyes

When my little girl is smiling

Wild one

You don't have to say you love me




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